Atopic Dermatitis Treatment

Atopic Dermatitis Treatment Treatment By

Dr Nikunja Kumar Dash

MBBS, MD.(SKIN & VD). 14 years experience overall as Dermatologist , Venereologist & Leprologist.

Atopic Dermatitis Treatment

Atopic Dermatitis is a common type of eczema. This disease was first been diagnosed in the year 1933 by Fred Wise. In past decades eczema was been treated with the help of a diary free diet and skimmed milk and baked fish. Atopic Dermatitis is caused by the inflammatory immune response. According to researchers, it is also claimed that atopic dermatitis also occurs due to a genetic lack of filaggrin in the skin.


- Herpes simplex virus infection
- Excessive sugar intake
- Vitamin deficiency
- Rough fabric
- Cosmetics
- Dust mites
- Pet dander
- Stress


- Dryness of skin
- Appearance of rash
- Severe itching
- Fissures and flakiness of the skin
- Red patches on the skin